Funeral Software

Software for funeral directors in the UK.

Our products.

Funeral Director: Software for the management of a funeral directors business.

As we started off in the North West, certain forms and reports required by organisations in the North West are currently included, and other regions forms will be added as required by our customers.
Once any standard form is within the system, then it will be available for all to use.

This solution runs on both the main computer environments currently used, that of windows based machines, and also Apple MacOSX based machines.

The Data is stored in an industry standard SQL database, and can be accessed by any number of computers connected to your local network.

This also means remote branch offices can use an internet connection to connect to the local network, and thus have a copy of the application running against the live data in their office.

Being a standardised SQL database, it can be setup to automatically backup the data to some directory on your main computer, which you will then be able to transfer to some portable device for safe storage, if you so desire.

Funeral Director App.: An add on product designed for smartphones and tablets, that works on both Android and iPhone devices.

This solution provides some access to the data when out and about, especially of use when staff are working out of the office.

It operates on a copy of some of the data, that is synced when it can connect to the main live data.

Signatures, photos, or just confimation of a job done, can be entered, and it will update the live data when it next has access to the servers.

Accounts Integration: As a bespoke additional service, we can additional link to your accounts package.

We have to date linked to Xero accounts.

This solution provides a link between the invoiced items in the system, and Xero.

Contacts are generated within Xero, when no known contact is present for an invoice.

Payments within Xero are scanned for any payments for any known contact within our system, and a payment created in our system to match Xero when it is one of our Contacts.