Funeral Software

Software for funeral directors in the UK.

About us:

We are suppliers of a management system for the funeral director market.

This management solution has been evolving for many years, in close cooperation with local Funeral Directors.

We understand that your time is precious, and when all the paperwork can be processed as quickly as possible, you can then spend more time looking after your clients.

  • In House management system
  • Data is held in house on a local computer using an industry standard SQL data server.
  • Works on Windows machines.
  • Works on MacOSX machines.
  • Requires an internal network so the shared data can be accessed.
  • Your data can be accessed by other branches via VPN links.
  • An Internet connection is recommended for emailing etc.
  • Remote access can be setup for those on the road.
  • Smartphone and tablet access is an option, using synced data, meaning it still works where there is no phone or internet signal.
  • Costing is based upon an installation cost, and then on a per use basis.